Woman Quits Job On Wall Street To Rescue & Rehabilitate Dogs From Kill Shelters

 Everyone, meet Eva Armstrong–a woman who left her job on Wall Street so she can rescue and rehabilitate dogs from kill shelters.

Eva used to be a career woman, very workaholic, always looking for more money. But then she realized, she doesn’t care about all the money in the world. Then she discovered what her true calling was–being with dogs and taking care of them.


So Eva decided to quit her job and do something more fulfilling to her. Eva now has a farm that takes in and rehabilitates dogs from kill shelters. They call this place Eva’s Play Pups.


Unlike other facilities, Eva’s Play Pups offers a lot of fun outdoor activities. Dogs can swim, play, run, hike, and so much more!

Check out the video below and see how happy Eva is with her new life!


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