Woman Rescues Cat, And It Changes Colors Right In Front Of Her Eyes

Nicole Böhm rescued two black-and-white kittens a few years back who were living on a dirty farm in Germany. But little did she know that one of the cats would scrap its traditional look for something much different.

Elli was born with a tuxedo coat just like her sister, but that was about to change. About a year after birth, it started.

That’s when Nicole noticed a small patch of white hair on Elli’s coat. She didn’t know what it was, so she took the cat to the vet.

Elli was diagnosed with vitiligo, the rare condition that causes loss of pigmentation. The cat was healthy otherwise, but her transformation was just beginning.

In the following weeks and months, Nicole watched the black of Elli’s coat slowly fade to white.

And it just kept going.

Despite Elli’s physical transformation, her feline sister never treated her any differently.

Elli is happy and healthy, and her unique look just makes her owner feel even more lucky to have the cat in her life.

The cat’s fur continues to change, but it seems as if some of the black on her face will remain.

“Her changing still goes on every day, and I love her more and more,” Nicole told The Dodo.

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