Woman Rescues Puppies Abandoned At Popular Dumping Site

I can never see an animal stranded on the side of the road and not stop to help.

If you’re an animal lover then you’re probably like me and it’s impossible to see an animal on the side of the road without wanting to stop and help. And that is precisely how Elisa felt while driving by a particular area of the road.

Every day, Elisa drives by a section of road that is known for being a place where people abandon their unwanted dogs.

Not a day goes by that she doesn’t find a dog in need, explaining to The Dodo, “There’s not one day that I’ll drive to the vet and not find puppies or a mama.”

Elisa has made it a habit of hers to go in search of these abandoned pooches in order to load them up into her car and get them some help from the Dogood Romania rescue.

From there, they are able to go on to get second chances at a happy life. The dogs are usually rehomed in the UK where they get adopted by their forever families.

So far, they’ve managed to save more than 400 dogs in this manner, and that is an absolutely incredible accomplishment. Elisa has admitted that rescuing dogs day in and day out can become a little emotionally overwhelming some days, but in the end, she knows that it is all worth it when they get to go on to live the happy lives they deserve.

What an incredible person!

Watch the video below:

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