Woman Risks 10 Years in Prison for Freeing Dog Left in Cold

Bettina Cuce-Rodriguez of Virginia Beach is set to be put on trial for removing a dog that was chained up in a yard.  She and two others are being charged with dog larceny, because they wanted to free a dog that was a victim of abuse.


The incident happened in January of 2015.  The dog in question is one reported to have been left outside in all kinds of weather with no adequate shelter, and was also forced to go long periods without food and water.

Cuce-Rodriguez has a long history of dog rescuing.  In fact all four of the Cuce sisters have something to do with dog rescue in one form or another, so one might say rescue runs in the family.  So, when the news about the poor dog was brought to her attention, she couldn’t think of anything else to do but act naturally.  She had to rescue the dog.


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  1. Doglover13

    I would’ve done the same thing. Dogs are not disposable, nor are they meant to be lawn ornaments. She tried doing things the right way, and the system failed her and the dog. In case you missed the news, animal abuse is a felony in all 50 states now, punish the abusers, not the dog’s saviour.

  2. Heather E. Hagen

    So they’ll give her ten years for saving a dog from abuse, but the second time offender in my area who cut the ears and a leg off a dog gets only six months? WTF?

  3. Cheryl Williams

    I’d be right there in the cell with her. We’ll be driving along and I’ll see a dog out in the yard with no shelter, no dish for water or food and wonder, ‘why do they own this dog?’ I’ll look all around and see them in the house having fun, and sometimes there will actually be another smaller or cuter dog INSIDE the house with them while this poor dog sits out in the cold rain shivering and starving to death. How many times has my husband told me to mind my own business? But as you know, it isn’t that easy to do. I can’t leave an animal to die, a person, maybe but not an animal that has no voice or choice in the world. Yep! I stand behind her and say LOCK up the OWNER of the dog.

    • Jennifer Hardin

      Oh yeah I feel your pain I actually had that happen one time where I actually stopped got out and knocked on the door and talk to the people about the dogs they had outside while I had the other one inside. My brother always tells me one day I’m going to get shot. Haha I said yeah I’ll just call him from jail to bail me out haha. They were not very happy with me they were angry and yell cuss words at me as I left their house. But within a week or two they had better shelter for that dog outside and he was more attended to. Not outside as often. I know because I drove a school bus passed that dog everyday

      • Cheryl Williams

        Thank God for people like you. If more people would stop being afraid of the system and stand up for themselves and what’s right more animals would be alive right now. The real problem as I see it is fear of getting involved, everyone wants to look the other way yet they want the right to complain about something. They don’t have that right unless they want to stand up and fight along side everyone else. The animals have no voice and we MUST speak for them and we must act for them even if WE end up in trouble. I’d rather be in the cold with a heavy coat on and gloves and boots than see a poor dog tied to a tree with no cover, blanket or coat. I can take it, they can’t. I have the choice to be out in the cold and they don’t have that choice, it is made for them.

  4. ritva juutilainen

    any dog lover would have done the same. all was right to do for neglected dog in cold weather conditions. greetings from finland where no punishment would be planned but repect shown to the rescue pwrson. PUNSIHMENT FOR THOSE NEGLECTING THE DOG/S.

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