This Woman Has Saved Hundreds Of Dogs From Death And Completely Transformed Their Lives!

Linda is originally from South Africa but moved to Greece in 2001. She has such a kind heart and a huge passion for animals, especially dogs.

Just in the past five years, she has fostered nearly 200-300 dogs. Sadly, the majority of them were on the brink of death when she took them in, but she has nursed them back to life and gave them a second chance and new lease on life.

Linda is very intelligent and knows all about medical and behavioral issues with dogs. She has learned so much just from fostering dogs, that now she’s quite the expert. She specializes in dogs who have neurological problems, spinal injuries, mobility issues, and paralysis. She takes in these dogs that no one would want, or that no one would ever think would survive, and completely transforms them.

The video below is a look into Linda’s life. She’s an amazing woman with such a kind soul and has done so much over the years for these dogs! Watch to learn more about her! Maybe it will even inspire you to foster a dog. There are many dogs out there who are stuck in shelters, which can be a very depressing and stressful environment. Living in a foster home helps these pups break out of their shell and feel much more comfortable, and most importantly, loved!

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