Woman Sees Muzzled-Up Husky On Neighbor’s Balcony In Small Crate

Cassandra Clark would see a Husky hanging out on a balcony in her neighborhood. There was no reason to think anything of it, but things started to change. And thankfully, she took notice.

Soon the Husky was outside with a metal muzzle around his mouth. The next time, a cage much too small for him.

Cassandra couldn’t just leave the dog outside in the 104-degree heat, so she called animal services. When they said they might not be able to respond for 24 hours, she took matters into her own hands.

Clark made a post on Facebook about the dog, and it received quite the reaction. After many likes and shares, it led to the Husky’s rescue!

When a rescue team arrived at the home, they found something no one expected: another Husky and several kittens for a total of 13 pets.

If Cassandra hadn’t acted so quickly, the 13 malnourished animals may not have made it.

Thanks to Cassandra Clark and the power of social media for this amazing rescue! If you feel an animal is in need, act right away; don’t wait until it’s too late.

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