Woman Spends Over 4,000 Hours Knitting Sweaters for Abandoned Dogs

Jan Brown, a 52-year-old woman from Seaburn, Sunderland, UK, has spent more than 4,000 hours knitting 300 Christmas sweaters, but not for people.  She’s done this to help out dogs in need that are homeless or abandoned, so no one has to freeze in the cold winter months ahead.


The sweaters are a labor of love.  Each one of them can take upwards of 20 hours from start to finish.  She started the idea about five years ago.  She had set out o make a selection of Santa Claus outfits, woolly antlers and scarves for dogs in need.  She also reconditions old blankets into coats.


“I have spent over 4,000 hours knitting but it’s all worthwhile when I see them sporting their new jumpers and hats,” said Brown.  I started knitting from an early age and after making a few coats for my own greyhounds it seemed like a great way to help the animal shelters.”

“It’s really sweet seeing them in their festive Christmas jumpers, I think they look really sweet and it’s giving much needed help to the rescue centers.  Greyhounds have very thin fur so they really feel the cold during the winter so my gifts help keep them warm during walks.”


“Making coats and jumpers for these dogs saves the rescue homes a lot of money that can be better spent saving more dogs off the streets and feeding them,” she continued.

“The rescue homes have to spend the money they raise on vets bills and nursing the dogs back to health so my coats help them to prioritize their money.  It feels like I’m knitting and sewing all the time, I’m never doing anything else – but I know it’s all worth it.”


“Whenever I send my parcels off to the rescue homes I feel really proud as I know it’s going to really help the dogs.      There are so many dogs that won’t be re-homed this Christmas so for many of them it’s the only gift they will get.”

The name of her company is KnittedWithLove.co.uk, and any money she makes through it goes directly back into more source materials, and to assist with care and fostering as well.  If you’d like to learn more, or see what is available through the website, click here.  There are more than just Christmas items available as well!


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