Woman Spots Terrified Beagle By Highway, Then She Sits Down Until Dog Comes To Her

For drivers, there is almost nothing more nerve-wracking than seeing an animal just on the edge of the road.

You don’t want them to get scared and run in front of your car! But sadly, it happens far too often.

In an episode of Pit Bulls and Parolees, the Villalobos Rescue Center leader Tia got the call about a beagle on the side of a highway.

The dog was seen near the highway for weeks, and thankfully she hadn’t gotten hurt so far, but the crew didn’t want to risk it once they’d heard about the beagle.

At the time, Tia had an injury and could not chase after this beagle is she ran, so Tia knew that she had to approach with extreme caution.

But being part of this rescue, she knew how to approach the dog with caution and save her life. She tried to lure her with treats and earn her trust.

After a while of not getting anywhere, she eventually was able to lure her into a trap, using a trail of food to entice this beagle. And sure enough, she was happy to eat the treats!

Tia did almost all of this rescue while sitting down, which is something we can all keep in mind if we ever try to rescue a frightened dog!

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