Woman Strokes Puppy That Wouldn’t Make It, Breathes New Life Into Her

When a concerned citizen called about a very sick puppy, a dedicated animal rescuer didn’t hesitate to jump out of bed and rush to the scene. Upon arrival, the rescuer found the poor puppy, later named Mary, huddled in the cold. Her body temperature was dangerously low and she was covered in fleas and maggots. It was clear that Mary was in dire need of help, and time was of the essence.

The rescuer quickly scooped up the motionless puppy and rushed her to the vet while offering comforting words: “Don’t worry, Baby. Everything will turn out alright.” As the rescuer cradled and cuddled the weak and exhausted puppy, a bond began to form between them.

At the vet, Mary was given a feeding tube and catheter to help her regain her strength. Over the next few days, her condition began to improve. The rescuer visited Mary at the clinic, where the gentle puppy showed her gratitude with endless kisses. As Mary’s facial edema went down and she started drinking formula on her own, it became clear that she was a fighter.

Finally, the day came when Mary was well enough to go to a medical foster home. The rescuer and Mary continued to show affection for each other, grateful for the miraculous recovery and the chance to find Mary a future forever home. This inspiring story of love, dedication, and resilience serves as a reminder of the power of compassion and the importance of helping animals in need.

*While the video may be upsetting to some viewers, we promise it ends happily!*

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