Woman Takes Selfie With Dog Who Loves To Stick Out His Tongue!

When one woman decided to take a quick selfie with her adorable dog, she had no idea her video was going to go viral!

The quick video begins simply enough, with the woman posing right next to her little baby. She’s smiling, and the dog seems expertly trained and very well-behaved. As they pose for the video, the woman quickly sticks out her tongue, and this little action seems to excite the dog so much that he simply has to copy his favorite human in the whole world!

Right after the woman sticks out her tongue, this adorable little dog sticks his own tongue out in the cutest of fashions! While it might seem little at first, and it might even be a possible lucky mistake, the dog goes on to prove that he is just too smart and about as cute as you can ask a dog to be.

He sticks his tongue out again and again, all in response to his loving human. You really couldn’t hope to see such a cute video on the internet, and even though it’s short, it really says a lot about the relationship shared between humans and dogs.

Keep watching the whole video if you love dogs.


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