Woman Turns Home into Shelter, Takes in 60 Rescue Dogs to Relieve Overcrowding

A woman from North Carolina has decided to turn her home into an animal shelter. Tyra Scroggins knows that things for the other area shelters can get really crowded during the summer months. Seeing the need for more space, she’s opened up her home as a shelter, hoping to cut down on the number of dogs put to death due to lack of space.

“There’s too many out there that need the help, and they’re not getting it,” said Scroggins. “There’s not enough man power in the county to get all the strays that are needed.”

Greene County isn’t the most affluent part of North Carolina. The workers at the local shelters have been taking dogs and cats home to hopefully cut the pressure for more space down, but everyone is doing what they can help. Scroggins keeps in constant contact with the county shelter, and makes extra space for what are commonly called “death row dogs.”

“In the summer months, the animals are more active,” said Greene County Manager Kyle DeHaven. “With them being more active, we’re seeing an uptick in our intake.”

Thanks to wonderful people like Scroggins, the deaths because of lack of space are a bit more few and far between.  If you’d like to help out, or find more information on Cause-N-Dog Rescue, you can call them directly at (252)-686-2447, or click here for their website.  Contact the county animal shelter at (252)-747-8184, or click here for more.

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