Woman who needs cancer treatment pleads for help so dog won’t have to go to shelter

A Texas woman is pleading for help because her dog, adopted a year ago from a Fort Worth, Texas, animal shelter, needs to be cared for while she undergoes treatment for breast cancer. The sad situation was shared with followers of the Urgent Animals at Fort Worth Facebook page on Saturday:

“This is Dudley and he needs help. He is a FWACC alum that was adopted about a year ago. His mom has breast cancer she is having double mastectomy surgery on Tuesday. She won’t be able to care for him during her recovery, and she has asked everyone she knows to take him for about 6 weeks.”

Helping Dudley

Dudley’s owner has tried to find someone to help care for her dog, but so far, nobody has offered – she fears that her companion might have to be returned to the shelter if nobody steps up to lend a hand. The Facebook page shared:

No one will help her and she’s distraught over the thought of surrendering him to the shelter. She is seeking a foster to care for him just until she’s strong enough to take him back.

Information about the dog in need

Dudley is described as a 35-pound dog who likes to snuggle. He is described as dog friendly. Anyone who lives in the area is asked to reach out to the Urgent Animals Facebook administrators so they can put you in touch with Dudley’s owner. Please email tag@urgentanimalsfw.com if you can help Dudley.

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