You Won’t Believe The Lengths This Pup Goes To Lovingly Help His Paralyzed Owner

An hour-long commute doesn’t seem to out of the ordinary for a lot of people – you hop on the train or bus and read a book or listen to some tunes. Now, put yourself in the position of a paraplegic who can’t take public transportation to work – what then? If you’re this shoe repairman in China, you do it with a little help from your canine companion.

The 68-year-old man who goes by Mr. Fu contracted polio as a young boy, and now gets around with this makeshift wheelchair.


His pooch sometimes uses his paws to help his owner along, or will gently use his head to guide the axle forward.


When it’s cold out, the pooch keeps Mr. Fu’s cold feet warm by snuggling up on top of them. Now THAT’S devotion!

Mr. Fu says he doesn’t exactly know how the dog learned to help him, but it just goes to show that dogs really do care about their humans. There truly is a loving bond between man and beast. Do you think your dog would do this for you?

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