Won’t you love me? Adorable, spunky senior locked away over a month at shelter

“Won’t you love me?” You can see the question in Rocky’s expressive eyes. The senior dog has been locked away in a kennel run at the Los Angeles Animal Services East Valley shelter since July.

Video of Rocky

Don’t let Rocky’s status of a “senior” dog fool you – he’s still spunky and he is doing his utmost to convince visitors to let him out of his kennel run for some love.

Watch a video of this sprightly dog to see for yourself just how adorable he is:


Help this senior dog find a home

Homeless senior dogs have the hardest time finding new homes – most potential adopters enter shelters seeking out puppies and young dogs. But dogs like Rocky deserve a loving home too! Remember, it’s not the number of days left in his life…it is the life that is left in his days. Rocky still has love to share and a life to live – he just needs someone to give him a chance.

You can help Rocky by sharing this article with his adoption information – help Rocky find a home!

Petharbor link here.

For more information about this animal, call:

Los Angeles Animal Services – East Valley Shelter at (888) 452-7381

Ask for information about animal ID number A1800412

Click here to donate to this organization

(Image and video via Rita Earl Blackwell)

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