Workers Hear A Crying Sound Coming From A Metal Donation Box. They Rush To Open It And Are Startled By What They Find.

The donation boxes of Big Brothers Big Sisters of St. Louis Missouri are usually filled with clothing, books, toys, and other items given by the people to be donated to the children. But one day, workers heard a crying sound inside the metal donation boxes; and they were shocked by what they discovered.

When the workers first heard the sound, they thought it was just a squeaky toy. But when they were unloading the bin, underneath the several pounds of clothing, there they saw a little baby Pit Bull. Since donations are only picked up once a week, they don’t know how long the poor thing was inside that metal box. Watch the video below for the full story!

I hope they catch whoever it is who left that poor puppy there. That pup would’ve died if he wasn’t found sooner. The puppy is now at a St. Louis area animal hospital. We sure hope that this pup will find a loving forever home soon!

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