World’s Tallest Dog Become The Oldest Living Great Dane

Enormous Freddy is appropriately named, given the fact that he’s the world’s tallest dog and towers over all canines at 7 feet tall when he’s up on his hind legs. The friendly giant just turned 8 years old, so he also is the oldest living Great Dane.

His owner, Claire Stoneman, who lives in Weeting, Norfolk in the UK, threw Freddy a birthday party in order to celebrate him and his sister, Fleur. Both dogs were born from the same litter on the 17th of May and they were just minutes apart. As Stoneman shared with Caters, the proud dog mom went all out and spruced up the garden with festive decor. Additionally, both dogs got a lot of treats and toys. In attendance at the party was Erin Manley, Stoneman’s 7-year-old neighbor. She has known Freddy her entire life and absolutely loves the dog.

As Erin’s father said to Caters, “Erin has never known life without Freddy. She isn’t [fazed] by his height at all and has always been close to him.”

Prior to the COVID-19 lockdown, the young girl would regularly have playdates with Freddy about twice a week. Freddy weighs in around 210 pounds, but his giant size never had an effect on her.

Since going into lockdown the little girl would regularly call him prior to going to bed – something that the dog looked forward to and would respond at the sound of her voice. Erin’s dad further explained that the two of them have a very caring friendship, despite the difference in sizes.

Freddy and Fleur’s owner often goes out in the early mornings to take her dogs for a walk in order to avoid crowds. She does it mostly to avoid the comments and stares, as she shared that most people get intimidated by his size. His size isn’t without its costs, as Stoneman regularly spends more than $630 a month on food for Freddy – his meals include minced beef, roast chicken, and plenty of treats.

But it’s all worth it for Stoneman who states that, despite their large size, her dogs are her world. They are sweet dogs who love to snuggle with her. She’s even admitted that she sleeps out in the living room with them by sharing the space of two mattresses with her dogs.

Freddy was named the world’s tallest living dog back in 2017 by the Guinness World Records. He officially stands at 3.395 feet tall from the floor to his back. However, after his birthday he’s got a new record being the oldest Great Dane alive. Currently, Stoneman is applying for the official record through Guinness World Records.

As Stoneman stated, “Freddy was actually the runt of the litter and now he’s got a Guinness World Record and is set to reach a second.”

That is pretty impressive. Well done, Freddy!

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