You Wouldn’t Believe Why They Picked This Shelter Dog Instead Of Others

Walking into an animal shelter can be a very tough experience, as there are so many needy creatures living there who need a home. While most of us wish we had the ability to take all of them home with us, we are typically forced to pick the one or two that tickle our fancy the absolute most.

Every dog in these shelters wakes up each morning believing that will be the day when they are finally brought to their forever home, this dream can only come true for a select few. So why was the dog in this particular story the one who got chosen? Be sure to read on, so that you can learn more.

The photo was taken in hopes that it would spread around the area of the shelter and allow the dog to find a family willing to adopt them. Instead, the post went viral in a major way. Stories like these serve as a reminder that a picture really is worth a thousand words.


The High Plains Humane Society is responsible, as they made a trip to where the animal resided, at New Mexico’s City of Portales Animal Shelter. The pip looked so incredibly sad as she looked out of her cage, imploring someone, anyone, to take her home and end her life of misery.

From the looks of it, the dog had tears in her eyes. The photo was snapped, it went viral and the rest was history. The tears may or may not have been the result of an eye infection, but this does not diminish the photo’s impact by one iota. You can’t explain away a stare like that or the down turned ears.

We imagine that her sad face stemmed from the fact that she was all by herself, alone and totally scared. It is hard to keep a poker face in situations like this and our heart definitely goes out to her. But the picture ended up having its desired effect, as the shelter immediately received a call from someone who was willing to pick her up and take her home. We are grateful that the story has reached a happy conclusion.


When you are finally done wiping away your tears, take a moment to pass this inspirational story along to your friends and loved ones. This just might be one of the most touching things that we have ever witnessed.

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