After A Year At Sea, She Reunited With Her Pit Bull And Got The Best Reaction!

There’s nothing I love more than reconnecting and catching up with friends I haven’t seen in quite some time. In between our exchange of stories, there’s guaranteed to be plenty of hugs and maybe even a tear or two. The same can be said about reunions with our animal buddies.

When Laila the pit bull was reunited with her owner, Second-Class Petty Officer of the U.S. Navy Christina Baez, the lovable pooch ran to her favorite human so fast that it’ll instantly warm your heart.

Check out the dog’s excited reaction below!

During her service in the navy, Baez was able to find a foster family for Laila through PACT for Animals. PACT specializes in finding temporary homes for animals that are left homeless because of deployment or unexpected hospitalizations.

Laila’s foster family was the Masusock family in New Jersey. They had fostered several pets before, but consider Laila to be the most easy-going pup they’ve ever sheltered. Eight-year-old Anna Masusock went viral a few months ago after sweetly serenading Laila in a video captured by her mother, Donna.
Anna’s serenade of Laila is just TOO cute to miss.

If you want to have a hand in more animal reunions like Laila’s, consider volunteering for or donating to PACT for Animals today!

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