“Yesterday I Learned That My Mom Has No Idea What Our Dog Looks Like”

We’ve all had those brain fart moments, where our minds draw a blank on something that we thought was permanently etched in there. Jeff Squires’ mom seems to have had one of those moments when she texted him a picture of a missing dog that didn’t look anything like theirs!

Jeff’s mom came across a post on Facebook of two dogs that had been picked up by the local dog warden, so she texted her son to ask if their pup was home, including a photo of one of the nabbed dogs.

The funny thing is, the dog in the photo is apparently a white golden retriever, and they have a Jack Russell Terrier – meaning the two dogs look NOTHING alike! In addition to having a differently colored face, the found dog is also twice the size of Duey.

Jeff posted the convo on Twitter captioned “Yesterday I learned that my mom has no idea what our dog looks like,” leading to a number of other “Duey” sightings….

Mom will probably never live this one down! 😄

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