You HAVE To See This Awesome DIY Pet Bed – We Want One!

Pet owners are usually pretty obsessed with their animals. I say this as a self-proclaimed ‘crazy dog lady’ who often spends more on her beloved fur baby than she does on herself. From collars and leashes to food, treats, toys and daily living supplies, raising a dog can be expensive. This is especially true when that dog is spoiled…which I think happens even to the most well-intentioned owners. They’re just so cute – we can’t help it!

One great way to cut costs and still give your dog the best of the best is to take matters into your own hands…literally. The video below, posted by Better Homes and Gardens, offers an in depth tutorial of how to make the most adorable pet bed out of materials you may very well already have lying around the garage.

Watch as an old piece of furniture, something many people might toss or donate, is transformed into an AMAZING doggie bed -complete with toy storage!

Full disclaimer, this DIY project requires a lot more than glue guns and twine…but for you dog lovers with a flare for power tools, this is one project you should definitely take note of.

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