You need a little Havoc in your life. Won’t someone adopt this sweet senior?

Live in the Richmond, VA, area?

This handsome senior may be one of the most-beloved residents at the Richmond Animal League, but they’d all be happy to see him find a forever family with whom to spend the rest of his happy life.

Affectionately known as “Uncle Havvy,” Havoc enjoys near daily outings with his best human friend, but can’t wait to find a home to call his for the rest of his happy life.

Havoc seems to get along well with other dogs, but wouldn’t be overly fussed if his future is filled with canine companions. Honestly, some of those young whippersnappers are a little too much for him! He’d rather have a billion tennis balls and a stuffed toy to chew on. (Ask him about the time he “accidentally” stole a teddy bear… twice!)

Havoc is a happy-go-lucky boy with no concept of his own age, and thanks to a grant from the Grey Muzzle Organization, he’s gotten all the medical care he needs. He’s active, and loves going on walks and car rides to the park.

Havoc’s weekend trips to Petsmart are attention-filled opportunities for him to steal the spotlight and he loves it! He would do well in a home with a family to dote on him. He might do better with more mature children, since he’s a big boy, but he really does love every person he meets. He is not recommended to a home with cats. He does love other dogs, especially ones his own size, but a slow introduction would be best since he’s a little hard of hearing.

To give Havoc a forever home, send visit and send in your application today!

A word about the Grey Muzzle Organization….

“If you’re fortunate, you have lived, or currently live, with an old dog. As cherished companions, the old dogs in our lives enrich our days for as long as we are privileged to have them,” this fine organization writes on its website.

With so few rescue groups in the United States that specialize in helping homeless senior dogs, this organization was founded to help fill this great need for programs unique to old dogs. They partner with rescues interested in giving their senior intakes the best possible chance at finding a new family, funding things like in-home hospice care or general medical help for pups who tend to need more (including financial help for families who might need some assistance as their dog ages). For more information, visit their website.

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