You Will Not Be Able To Stop Smiling When You See These Playful Corgi Puppies

Oh, puppies. Is there anything more adorable than these tiny, fluffy, furry little creatures romping and playing? If you ask me…the answer is simple: nope!
Now, while any dog is cute, there’s just something contagiously adorable about Corgi puppies. You’re about to meet two of the sweetest, most playful of the bunch. Trigger and Summer are a pair of black-and-white Corgi pups with a whole lot of energy!

In the video below, these best friends show off their rub-worthy little bellies while playing on their backs…so cute! What a precious moment between these two fur babies. Watch for yourself:

Cuteness overload, am I right?! If you ever need a mood boost or a distraction from a bad day…just think of these little Corgis, and we have a feeling you’ll start feeling better…

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