You’ll Never Believe How This Overweight Pooch Slimmed Down To A Healthy Size

No matter what’s happening in the world, there will always, always be some kind of crazy diet making the rounds. Don’t eat carbs, don’t eat gluten, eat only what the cavemen ate, eat only meat…it’s really hard to keep up with all of the things we “are” and “are not” supposed to be putting into our bodies.

Animals rely on us to provide them with the right nutrients in the correct portion sizes, but when even that doesn’t work, drastic measures sometimes must be taken, just like with our own diets. When this one pup’s weight reached a dangerous level, he ended up with some serious health problems. So what did his parents do? They put him on a raw food diet.

This is Baylie now, after shedding over 20 pounds.


He’s much healthier after cutting out all of the processed foods and sugars from his diet. How much did he weigh before losing the 20 pounds?

Baylie tipped the scales at over 125 pounds.


His parents, Margaret and Patrick Evans, say that the problem started when the pup was young and learned that treats were a reward for being a well-behaved pooch.

The black Labrador also suffers from hip dysplasia, a fairly common joint disorder in the breed.


After he took a tumble on a walk one day, his injury made it even harder to manage his weight through exercise.

When Baylie’s parents took him to the vet and saw how bad the problem had become, they decided it was time to put the pup on a diet of raw food.


It included lean, protein-rich meats such as chicken and rabbit — no more beef or lamb! Baylie snacked on air-dried liver treats, and on Sundays, he got a beef bone to chew on all day. The marrow in the bone has enough substance to leave the pup satisfied, and it’s also good exercise (and fun!) to chew on.

Ever since shedding the weight, Baylie is “like a completely different dog.”


He’s gained his energy and playfulness back, and he loves to run around with his ball.

If you’re worried about dogs eating raw meats…don’t be!


Their bodies and stomachs are completely capable of handling it — and you know for sure that there aren’t any added chemicals or sugars that might pack on some extra pounds.

If your dog is struggling with a few (or more) extra pounds and you want to see them happy and active again, like Baylie, you might want to consider putting him or her on a diet of Honey’s Real Dog Food. You can also focus on buying cleaner, less processed food products.

The same thing goes for all of us: the better quality of sustenance you put into your body, that happier you’ll be!

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