You’ll Be SHOCKED When You See What This Pit Bull Does When A New Baby Arrives!!

We have a Pit Bull mix we rescued from a high-kill shelter when he was 6 months old. He was dumped off in a ditch like garbage.


When people meet him they sometimes look a little scared of him. Like just because he has a Pit Bull face he must be a monster. Something that will automatically kill like a machine.

Anyone who has met a Pit Bull or pit mix that was raised in a happy, healthy, loving home would know this couldn’t be true! Our dogs still has his issues, as any dog would after being abused but he is the BIGGEST love ever! Cuddly and sweet and gentle. NOT a killer!

This is a common fear for new parents and rightfully so. I was bitten by a protective Malamute mother when I was young. Some dogs are scary and have been trained by their people to attack first and it is nothing but tragic when a child falls victim to these mistreated dogs.

This was the biggest fear for a new father and the family Pit Bull-cross Zack. Continue to the next page to SEE what happened between the young girl and her dog!! Warning! You will need tissues!

The family had 2 dogs when their daughter was born. One was a Pit Bull-Labrador mix named Zack. When the couple first met Zack hated the new man in his mother’s life. Because of this the father imposed a rule that if even the slightest thing between Zack and the new baby happened, Zack would need to find a new home.


But the opposite happened! Zack couldn’t stop licking her face when she was brought home and the 2 were instantly inseparable.  He was her guardian angel and wherever she went he went. Every night when she was older Zack would wait at the bottom of the stairs at bed time and walk up with her. He would then sleep on her bed keeping her safe.


When she was 5 years old a nasty neighbor kid poisoned Zack, taking his life and her best friend away. The couple stood, sobbing and devastated as they watched this little girl say goodbye to her first friend and protector. He was lying still in their kitchen that horrible day.

The real gut punch was when it was time for bed. For the first time in her short 5 years this little girl didn’t have her companion to go with her to bed. If that wasn’t heartbreaking enough for you what the couple’s second dog, a beautiful grey Pit named Sam who also loved this girl, will blow you away.

She stood there alone not knowing what to do without Zack. At that moment Sam stood up and went over to the little girl, nudged her with his big Pit head, put his paw on the stairs and walked with her to bed.


He did this for another 6 years until he died. Loyal and loving to the end. Pit Bulls get a very bad rap but they are some of the sweetest, smartest and most intuitive animals alive. They feel our pain and when this girl needed him most Sam was there for her. Please share this story to help change the way the world sees Pit Bulls!

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