Young Boy Thinks He’s Dreaming When He Gets Smothered By 14 Puppies!

You remember what it was like being a kid, and more than anything else in the world you wanted a puppy to call your own. As adults it’s a lot easier to make those dreams come true, and young or old, puppies are still totally irresistible! From those fuzzy coats to puppy kisses, we simply cannot resist their many charms. Ah, if only we could lay down and get covered in puppies from head to toe.

Well, this kid certainly thought he was dreaming when he got the chance to do just that with not one, not two, but 14 Golden Retriever puppies! Sounds too good to be true? well, watch and see for yourself that this lucky boy is having the best day ever by getting totally smothered in sweet puppy love! And look at that, momma dog even comes over to share in the fun, too!

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