Young Girl Adorably Insists on Holding Leash During Walks with Her Deaf-Blind Dog

Initially deemed a burden due to her disabilities and set to be euthanized, the pup now serves as a best friend to a little girl.

Echo the Great Dane was born deaf and blind, a circumstance that led her original owner to label her as an “unwanted burden”. Only 12 weeks old at the time, Echo was to be put down, but fate had different plans. When Marion Dwyer came across Echo’s situation, she immediately intervened, bringing the dog home with her to Niagara Falls, New York.

Despite her physical challenges, Echo blossomed into an affectionate and loving dog. Yet, it was when Marion became pregnant that a significant change in Echo’s behavior was observed.

Echo seemed to instinctively know about the baby, frequently circling Marion and cuddling against her growing belly, as if she knew her “favorite human” was inside!

From the moment Jennie was born, Echo has acted like a caring big sister. The gentle giant keeps a watchful eye on her little human companion, never leaving her side for even a moment.

The two are inseparable, sharing mealtimes, playtimes, and even nap times. They’ve even started going on walks together! Marion believes that Jennie and Echo share a unique language of their own, a form of communication that transcends human understanding.

The heartwarming bond between the 17-month-old girl and her protective canine companion is truly remarkable. In the shared video, Jennie confidently leads Echo on walks around the neighborhood, while the loyal dog ensures Jennie’s safety.

This inspiring story serves as a reminder that dogs, regardless of physical disabilities, are capable of immense love and deserve a chance at a full life.

Watch the video below to witness the unique bond between young Jennie and Echo, her deaf-blind friend.

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