Young love results in 9 adorable fluffy puppies before parents could say ‘spay or neuter’

Dexter, a Mirama, and Stella, a Bernese Mountain Dog, are two beautiful pups who became romantically involved at a younger age than anyone would have expected. They are just barely one year old. Just before their owner booked a spay and neuter, the pair found a few stolen moments and Stella found herself in the family way. Two months later, their family exploded and they became parents to nine adorable little balls of fur. Dexter no longer sleeps in and Stella finds herself busier than ever as they care for the energetic babies. The fluffy little pups are shown here at the age of eight weeks. They spend their days running in the field, exploring the woods nearby and climbing over everything they find. As the pups are let out of the cage in the morning, Stella appears to be sniffing and counting them all. Keeping tabs on nine is an incredible feat.

They are always under the loving and watchful eyes of Dexter, Stella, and their owner as well. They live on a wonderful farm near Peterborough where they have acres of green grass and forest to play in. Miramas are famous for being talented herders ad protective guards. Dexter does his duty faithfully as the pups run and play. He manages to keep them all together and accounted for.

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