Young Man Who Lost a Leg to Cancer Adopts Three-Legged Dog Who Was Hit by a Car

Quinn is only 12 years old, and already in his short life he’s fought through a lot of adversity. This tough as nail kid lost a leg to cancer, and did he let that bring him down? Not in the least! The young man decided that he would adopt a dog who had lost a leg after being hit by a car, and the pair make for a really great team!

Logan was hit by a car, and lost one of his legs because of it.  After recovering, he spent a long time at a shelter, just waiting for someone to give him a chance.  He waited and waited, but it seemed like the day would never come for Logan.  Besides, who would want a three-legged bully breed, anyway?

It took all of one meeting between the two for them to become best friends.  Now, they do everything together!  They both serve as examples of how with the right attitude, and the right people (and dogs!) supporting you, there’s nothing that cannot be accomplished.

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