Your Donations Are Keeping Animals Alive And People Hopeful After Florence Devastation

Hurricane Florence drenched the Carolinas when it landed in mid-September. Along with damage to homes, buildings, and thousands of square miles of critical infrastructure, a number of people lost their lives in the storm.

The water hasn’t stopped rising, and neither has hope.

A tremendous outpouring of support from you, fans of GreaterGood, has proven invaluable to Hurricane Florence relief. We raised $196,328 in hurricane victim support coming from donations to our disaster response campaign, and gave $185,632.05 in pet products, clothing, and footwear to those who need it most.

These clothes and pet supplies are being distributed to people who have lost their homes, their possessions, even the clothes off their backs in the flooding.

According to Jorge Ortega, President of PetRed and Executive Director of Guildford County Animal Services, and Steven Wray, President and CEO of Restore Global, the assistance is more than just appreciated.

“Thank you and for your generous provision of critically needed supplies of pet food and clothing to the PedRed/Restore Global Hurricane Florence Response collaboration,” Ortega and Wray wrote. “We are grateful for the opportunity to work together with you and others to improve disaster resilience in the communities affected by this storm. Thanks to GreaterGood, we were able to get much needed pet supplies and clothing to people and their pets in impacted communities. Our willingness to work together demonstrates the practical ways that community organizations can work together with each other, local government and emergency management agencies to improve community-wide disaster resilience.

“It’s been an honor and a privilege to have partnered with GreaterGood in these efforts!”

Thanks to donations from caring supporters around the world, more than $381,960 has been raised by to help people and animals affected by the hurricane. Our nonprofit sister’s response teams are using those generous donations to care for and shelter people and animals in peril, giving them the supplies, food, and medicine they so desperately need to recover and thrive.

As shown in the video below, these donations were essential to funding rescue efforts the second Florence hit land.

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