You’re Gonna Wanna See The Adorable Thing That’s Hiding Under This Pit Bull, Trust Me!

Pit Bulls are just like any dog, how they behave will depend largely on the owner. We’ve featured plenty of videos of how Pit Bulls can be loving and gentle. There was even the awesome video of a little girl feeding a group huge Pit Bulls! So to those who say that Pit Bulls are vicious dogs, here’s another video to prove you wrong!

At first you think this is just a normal Pit Bull laying on the bed. But when you click play, you’ll see how sweet this dog is! You’d think that welcoming a kitten to a house where a dog already lives in can be disastrous, but that’s not the case with this gentle dog! This sweetheart loves to play with the kitten! Watch the adorable video below!

Awww…aren’t they sweet?
There are a lot more Pit Bulls who are as sweet as this dog! So don’t ever let anyone tell you that this breed is mean and vicious! We love Pit Bulls, and we have every proof to show you how beautiful and gentle these dogs can be.

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