You’re NEVER Too Old To Love A Puppy – This Heartwarming Video Proves It

Puppies aren’t just for little kids or young families moving into their starter homes with mismatched furniture. Pups, sometimes, are an even better fit for someone who’s just as young at heart, but has already lived a long, full life.

This grandpa has wanted a tiny English bulldog for years and years. But, his wife never let him get one (you know, happy wife, happy life!). Finally, though, he got his wish after his children and grandchildren worked their convincing magic, and his wife gave in.

Watch his reaction as the family surprises him with this wrinkly bundle of joy.

[youtube id=”42x7n8gSv_U”]

Surely he’ll be a top-notch puppy dad – it’s clear he loves that pup with all of his heart. What’s one puppy after raising a whole family, right?

Enjoy your new canine kid, grandpa! We hope she brings you many more years of joy!

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