You’ve Never Met A Mama Dog That Was So Proud Of Her Pups

Giving birth is the ultimate experience for any woman; human or canine, I reckon. As to nursing so many..well, if I was a mother dog, I’d be as proud as this chocolate brown Labrador mama too! She looks fit and healthy after giving birth to so many pups and I bet she has lots of milk to feed her army too!

See how lovely and gorgeous they all are – so cute and teeny tiny, showing how happy and content they are by their wiggles! Who would think that in less than a year, they will be fully grown and probably bigger than their mom. Look at the Labrador mom, see how happy and proud she is of her puppies? They really are gorgeous and adorable, aren’t they?

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  1. Lee Morrison

    WHY BREED when so damn many need homes and are being murdered daily in kill shelters?!?! Let’s STOP the breeding ’til ALL have homes!!!

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