You’ve Probably Seen This Cute Video, But The Story Behind It Is Heartbreaking

At the end of 2014, an adorable video showing a teeny-tiny puppy enjoying a nice, warm bath blanketed the ‘net like wildfire. His perfectly content face was just too cute not to share with everyone you knew.

You’ve probably continued to see the happy fella pop up every now and then ever since.

And it’s precisely how sweet that moment was that makes it so difficult to believe how sad his story really is, especially for such a young pup.
Before enjoying his spa day, the little guy was found with his two sisters abandoned in a dumpster in Dallas, Texas…

At just two weeks old, the poor things were covered in fleas, something that can lead to deathly anemia in dogs so young. Thankfully, they were discovered just in time by the DFW Rescue Me animal shelter. From there, they were taken in and cared for by foster mom Claire Fowler.
Watch the video to hear more about the cutie’s story from his foster mom:

Hopefully the sweet pups won’t remember a thing about their sad past now that they’ve found love and happiness in the hands of kinder humans.

You can find more information on the DFW Rescue Me organization and you can contribute to saving more lives like these over on their Facebook page.

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