Man Sacrifices Himself to Save Stranger’s Dog from Abuse


An altruistic man made the ultimate sacrifice when he stepped in to help a dog being kicked in a parking lot.  He lost his life, but spared the dog any further abuse.

On December 11th, David “Krockett” Krieger witnessed a man ruthlessly kicking a dog in the parking lot of a Benton Township, Michigan hydraulic repair shop where he worked.  A dog-lover himself, Krockett immediately confronted Roy Thompson, a convicted felon out on parole.  Krockett was the dog dad of two rescues, Trout and Sophie, and would have done anything to help an animal in need.

Both were carrying weapons, but only one was doing so legally, and the other drew his firearm and took the life of a man who was just trying to help a defenseless creature.


Thompson’s family held a press conference, claiming that the animal abuser was only defending himself from Krieger (though not one of them was an eyewitness).  Krockett’s brother Stephen, however, was a witness, and says the two men were arguing before Thompson took a few steps back, pulled out a gun, and shot Krockett in the chest.

“When I first saw it come out it just didn’t register what was happening in couldn’t and then when the shot happened that’s when my brother immediately grabbed his chest,” Stephen explained. “Grabbed his chest and he turned towards me and he said, ‘he shot me bro,’ and I ran.”


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