Man Sacrifices Himself to Save Stranger’s Dog from Abuse

Stephen was also carrying a legally registered concealed weapon, and says he fired his gun at Thompson when the man aimed his gun at him.  Thompson fired shots back, but neither struck the other.


Thompson has been arrested and charged with open murder, felon in possession of a firearm, felony firearm, and carrying a concealed weapon.

A fundraiser page was launched to help defray the costs of Krockett’s funeral, and was quickly exceeded by sympathetic donors.  A memorial Facebook page has been set up for him, and animal lovers are sharing photos of their own pets to honor him.

“In the wake of this tragedy we are all left to try to make sense of why such a wonderful man, who was an asset to society and made the world a better place, was taken from us so soon,” family friend Christine Wilke explained to BarkPost.  “We’ve decided that the only thing that makes sense is that God had a job opening as the ‘Keeper of the Rainbow Bridge.’ He has one now – the absolute BEST man for the job.”


Bonus Video: Dying dog who got a second chance reunites with her puppy

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